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24 hour emergency service
Cleaning and restoring trauma incidents and violent crime scenes
Professional and properly certified technicians
Unmarked vehicles for discretion
Compassionate and courteous service guaranteed
Services covered by most insurance providers (we will work with your insurance carrier directly)
Crime and trauma scenes may be covered by crime or victim services funds - we will help!

Based on Vancouver Island
Serving British Columbia

The decontamination specialist technicians of C James Decon are professionally trained and certified to Cleanup Suicide, Cleanup Blood, Cleanup Death, Cleanup Trauma and all types of incidents related to a homicide, suicide, accident, unattended death or undiscovered death whether it be a crime scene or trauma scene.

You are on this web site because you are in need of HELP. We are here to help you at any time, any day and any place: whenever you need us.

No one should be faced with cleaning up after a trauma incident involving someone close to them. In the past, options were limited, forcing family members and co-workers to deal with the aftermath of such of such a tragic event.

post trauma and crime scene decontaminationThe mental anguish could be as devastating as the trauma itself. With C. James CTS Decontamination Specialists there is now PEACE OF MIND. We are a company that specializes in restoration of post trauma and crime scenes such as, but not limited to suicides, unattended deaths, homicides, and abatement of any biological or infectious hazard, such as blood tissue and feces.

The potential threat from blood borne pathogens is that the contaminant of the pathogen may be known or unknown and all human body waste must be treated following the Universal Standards rule. The transmission of infectious diseases is a critical consideration when performing a clean up. If improperly cleaned, the threat of contamination remains long after the evidence has been removed.

Our highly trained technicians are prepared to handle any bio hazardous situation and we wear the proper protective equipment as required by OSHA. We will clean and decontaminate the affected areas removing the risk of exposure.

To clean up after suicide, blood and death - or any type of trauma and crime scene clean up - can be potentially dangerous for someone without the proper training.

The Crime Scene Cleaners and Trauma Scene Cleaners of C James Decon are an elite group of crime and trauma scene cleanup decontamination specialists. We offer our expertise in numerous areas of emergency and non-emergency remediation and decontamination of any and all contaminates related to:

  • Cleaning
  • Removal
  • Lawful disposal

    of any potentially infectious bio-hazardous medical waste. This includes clean up blood, bodily fluids associated with death or any type of trauma situations.

    What is a trauma and crime scene cleaner?

    Individuals involved in cleaning horrific and bio-hazardous scene are sometimes referred to as "Crime Scene Cleaners".  It is not romantic work, it is not easy and it is not fun. "Trauma Worker", "Bio-recovery Technician" and other such phrases are used to describe the line of work that deals with and cleans blood soiled environments, as well as other bio-hazard environments.

    The Police, Fire Department, Emergency Medical Technicians or the Medical Examiners Office very rarely clean up a trauma scene when they have finished. They have neither the time nor the resources to do the trauma scene clean-up.

    Few companies have the qualifications and expertise to assist you in handling these special situations.  C. James CST Decontamination Specialists is one of the few that does.

    Life threatening risks, such as AIDS, hepatitis, hantavirus, avian bird flu and drug lab residue may be involved and may pose a hazard if you attempt a clean-up on your own. We also offer a service of decontaminating Norwalk Flu and other airborne infectious contaminants, post-forensic residues (finger-print dust), pepper spray, tear gas, animal infestations, gross filth and trashed homes.

    C James CTS Decontamination Specialists

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